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Rootmap Solutions aims at providing IT solutions & services for small and midsize organizations as well as our own products to counter issues of masses and training industry talents to meet the cutting edge trends in the technology domain such cyber security. We, at Rootmap Solutions have excelled in delivering technology solutions that optimize productivity, strengthen customer relationships, enhance data sharing and drive business towards profitability. Our mission is to enable maximum number of SMEs & MSMEs to be a part of digital India and explore the true potential of technology to grow faster than ever before.

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RMS, is aiming for maximum number of businesses, specially the ones which are not capable enough to go high end digital solutioning, to uplift their business. So, keeping in view the cost as a barrier for the most small/medium scale businesses, we try to provide a cost effective as well as a proficient digital infrastructure. This way we could motivate and provision maximum number of people to the digital infrastructure.


To drive digital transformation, improve business agility and reduce technology costs.


To develop connected, secure and smart IT based solution.


To develop IT products specific to Indian needs in the domains of agriculture, health, water quality, natural disasters, transportation, security, automobile, supply chain management, smart cities, automated metering and monitoring of utilities, waste management, Education and delevopment etc.


To compete in a rapidly changing market, businesses need to be well equiped and updated as per the surrounding environment. We are trying to provide required update and support to our SMEs and MSMEs for the digital revolution that has already begun. In order to survive and grow the ever changing environment in and around, businesses needs to be upgraded and equipped with right technical infrastructure and support. So here we are, you may go through our varied section of services

Product Design & Development

Tackle complexities, risks and constraints in business transformation with RMS’ set of industry pre-configured solutions

IT Consulting

RMS empowers organizations to reimaging customer experience in line with the rising expectations of the digital era